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Lawyers often decline representation of people hurt by the negligence or dishonesty of other lawyers. I do not hesitate to take these cases. A civil suit can be brought against lawyers and firms to recover damages for your loss. Attorney malpractice or misconduct can include simple negligence (missing a statute of limitations, neglecting your case or ignoring your instructions) or, unfortunately, it can take the form of overcharging, stealing and working against your interests.

At David C. Burkett, Attorney at Law, I advocate on behalf of clients that have fallen victim to negligent, incompetent or dishonest representation by a lawyer, helping to hold lawyers accountable if they fail to act as the fiduciaries they are supposed to be.

Seattle Attorney Representing Clients in Fee Disputes with Their Lawyers

Many cases arise after an attorney or firm has taken a case on a contingency fee basis. After the firm has already completed a portion of work on the case, the client may become unhappy with the firm’s work or the slow turn around. At that point, the client may wish to part ways with the firm and seek other representation. The firm will often attempt to bill the client for the work that has already been completed that otherwise would have come out of a settlement or award.

At this point, I step in and assist the client in demonstrating that he or she is not obligated to pay the billable work under the terms of the agreement and based on the firm’s inability to get results in a timely manner.

In other situations, an attorney may settle a case without the permission of the client. Whether the client wished to go to trial, settle for a greater amount or simply wished to be consulted before the decision was made, this is a grave breach of trust. Many attorneys prefer to settle early, opting for a more certain payout with minimal work and to avoid court. This may not be in the client’s best interest. There are steps I can take on your behalf to hold these unethical attorneys accountable.

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To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your case, please contact the law firm today at 866-476-3138. Most cases against lawyer are handled on a contingency fee basis according to Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Responsibility.

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