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Legal Support During Property Disputes

At David C. Burkett, Attorney at Law, I am prepared to handle a wide range of disputes between property owners. Most commonly, these disputes stem from property line disagreements. I help to provide a clear and accurate understanding of where one property owner’s land ends and another’s begins. Based on this, I am equipped to take the legal steps necessary to protect the interests of my clients throughout Washington.

Seattle Neighbor Dispute Lawyer – Boundary Lines And Fence Disputes

In the Puget Sound region, there is a lot of open, unfenced land. Boundary lines can be uncertain. If you or the person who owned the property before you has put up a fence, built a garage or even planted a garden on a neighbor’s property, you may own it by what the law calls adverse possession. Of course, your neighbor may claim he owns part of your property by adverse possession. If you think you have a situation where the ownership of property is in dispute, you should call a property dispute attorney as soon as possible. Waiting can cause you to lose your rights.


An easement is the right to some limited use of another person’s property. Commonly, property owners grant easements for utilities, roads and the like. However, some easements come about simply by repeated use, such as when neighbors drive over your land to get to theirs. If you have a situation where you and a neighbor disagree about whether use of the other’s land is legal, you need to call a property dispute attorney as soon as possible. Waiting can cause you to lose your rights.

Tree Rustling Cases

Tree disputes also cause a significant amount of strife between neighbors. One neighbor may maintain a tree or bush that accents his or her property but that causes an obstruction of view for the neighbor. The dispute may escalate if the other neighbor takes the matter into his or her own hands, cutting down the tree or even poisoning it. The law provides strong relief in these cases, including punitive damages and attorney fees.

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