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When Tree Removal Leads To Legal Disputes

Lush forests are a key feature of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, and Washingtonians take their trees very seriously. Legal disputes over the location, maintenance and removal of trees are fairly common in this part of the country.

As a real estate attorney, I have helped property owners resolve virtually all types of property disputes with neighbors, including those stemming from the unlawful damage or removal of trees.

These cases may arise from disputes over property boundaries or uncertainty over who has a right to prune or remove trees. If you find yourself engaged in such a conflict, it is important to seek legal help right away. Failure to do so could be detrimental to both your property and your finances.

What Can I Do If A Neighbor Has Cut Down A Tree On My Property?

If a neighbor cuts down a tree on your property, it may be prohibitively expensive and impractical to replace it — particularly if the tree was large and mature. Fortunately, Washington’s timber trespass laws offer relief to victims.

If you succeed on a timber trespass claim, the responsible party may be required to provide enough compensation to replace the tree in the same condition as when it was removed. In fact, the law makes the trespasser liable for three times that amount (also called treble damages).

What if a neighbor’s tree branches are encroaching on my property? In many cases, you may trim overhanging branches on your property. However, it is wise to consult a lawyer to ensure that there are no unusual circumstances and ascertain the exact location of the property line.

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