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What Our Clients Say

Best lawyer in Seattle”

David has been my lawyer for 13 years. His knowledge and expertise have kept me and my multiple business interests out of legal trouble the whole time. He is always right, and never afraid to tell you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it. He has worked on cases for me from timber trespass disputes to estate planning to employee suits, always giving me good advice. He is completely thorough and never has to be reminded of anything. If you are looking for an attorney that knows his stuff inside and out this is the guy for you. Thanks, Dave.

“Excellent attorney; handled contractor issue”

Mr. Burkett was wonderful in resolving a difficult and ongoing contractor issue. I appreciated his professionalism, consideration, expertise, communication, and overall demeanor. He respected my time and money, and I felt confident that my best interest was always at the forefront of his priorities. I would strongly recommend him to anyone I know and use him again, should the need arise.

“David treats me as though I am his only client”

David Burkett has counselled me for over 10 years. I own a small construction supply business and require advice on a wide variety of topics, often beyond my own ability to navigate. David is always there to provide thoughtful advice presented concisely and most important to me, swiftly.

David has provided excellent legal representation on partnership issues gone south, reviewed my performance related contracts and made beneficial recommendations, advised and coached me through performance claims to reduced reasonable settlements, assisted with collection efforts to speedy and successful ends and has been there for me whenever I needed a sounding board on general issues.

Always a fast reply to my requests, often within minutes of pushing “send” with a cut to the chase analysis of my issue, using sound reasoning to give me a plain speak solution. If you are looking for an attorney who will treat you as though you are his only client, I would highly recommend David Burkett.

“I highly recommend David Burkett”

David Burkett is a brilliant attorney and I highly recommend him. He represented me in a difficult real estate dispute, and from the very beginning, I was amazed by his confidence, calm, and encyclopedic command of the law. He provides superior service and follow-through and has a phenomenal attention to detail. He has an extremely sharp mind and never misses a beat. David is the consummate professional and the best communicator I have ever known. His perceptiveness and intuition practically border on a sixth sense. His advice is clear and direct, and he is brutally honest. David treats everyone with a high level of respect and consideration, no matter which side they are on. I trust him completely as my counsel and I would not consider using anyone else. Five Stars, and well deserved!

For Help With Attorney Fee Disputes, Michael R. Caryl Recommends David Burkett:

For the past 22 years or so, my Washington law practice has focused on all aspects of disputed lawyer’s fees. It grew from a single case, Taylor v. Shigaki, 84 Wn. App. 723 (1997), pet. den. 132 Wn.2d 1009 (1997), in which my lawyer-client prevailed in a dispute over his entitlement to a contingency fee in a tort case. Since then, this practice developed into a full-time disputed-fees practice representing both lay clients and lawyers involved in fee disputes, assisting lawyers and firms with the legal and financial implications of lawyers leaving their firms, consulting with lawyers and law firms in developing effective, enforceable and ethical fee agreements and billing practices, and ultimately I developed a busy practice in serving as an expert witness in litigation over many different aspects of lawyer’s fees and billing, usually dealing with fee reasonableness. Over these 22 years, I have published extensively on disputed fee issues and have taught all possible aspects of lawyer CLE training in lawyer’s fees issues.

A decade or so ago, I met Dave Burkett in a very tough fee dispute over about a million and a half dollars in disputed fees, fees that Dave’s client didn’t want to pay after a successful end result by my lawyer-client. The case ultimately settled just before trial with Dave’s client paying most of my client’s lawyer’s fees. Over my 30 years of Washington trial practice, I have litigated against literally hundreds of lawyers, from some of the very best in Washington to others much less gifted. I was very impressed with Dave’s performance. He was sharp, very well prepared, excellent on his feet in court and his deposition of my lawyer-client was a work of art. As my practice grew and I could not keep up with the new work, I thought about Dave. Ultimately, I invited Dave and another excellent lawyer to work with me in that practice. Dave brought all of his skills and savvy I had recognized in that previous dispute to work for my clients, both lawyer and lay. Over the next eight years or so, we developed both a personal and professional friendship and a great working relationship. When I started the process of retirement a few years ago and ceased taking new litigation clients, I turned to Dave and my other lawyer colleague to take over that practice. I have never been disappointed with either Dave or my other colleague. I have continued to refer both lawyer and lay clients to Dave in disputed fee cases, and have recommended Dave to other lawyers to serve as an expert witness as I have been cutting back that practice. Smart, prepared and tenacious, Dave is a formidable lawyer but very reasonable in his own approach to fees. Potential clients will get much more than their money’s worth with Dave Burkett. I could not give a higher endorsement than this.

What My Clients Say

If you find yourself having to travel down a dark legal alley, you definitely want David on your side. You will not find a more competent and effective lawyer.
-A contracts client