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Many employees do not know that the manner in which they are paid is legally based on the nature of their job and the types of duties they are expected to perform. It is not uncommon for employers to misclassify jobs, namely whether a position is hourly or salary. The misclassification of positions leaves employees prone to losing out on overtime or benefits that they are otherwise entitled to. Whether this error is intentional or not, there are steps you can take to correctly re-classify your position and receive compensation in the manner you deserve.

Seattle Salary Dispute Lawyer – Representing Your Interests In Wage And Hour Disputes

At David C. Burkett, Attorney at Law, I represent workers and employees throughout Washington seeking to be paid correctly. I will evaluate the following details of the individual position:

  • How much control does your employer have over your job and how you perform your duties, including day-to-day requirements and tasks?
  • How much control does your employer have over the business and administrative aspects of your job? This includes the purchase of supplies and equipment, as well as reimbursement for business and travel-related expenses.
  • What type of contract or agreement frames the employment situation? Is it a written contract or a verbal understanding?
  • What types of benefits, vacation and pension are available or guaranteed to employees?
  • Is there a set termination date?
  • Is there a clear expectation in the contract of the functions that you will be performing in the business and the position?
  • Do you have the power to hire and fire other employees, or set their pay and benefits or hours?
  • Do you manage any important aspect of the business?
  • Do you manage other employees? And if so, how many?

At David C. Burkett, Attorney at Law, I will carefully review the requirements, expectations, benefits and compensation of your job and the role you play in the company. I will be able to provide a clear understanding of how your job should be classified and will determine if legal steps need to be taken to get you the compensation and benefits you deserve.

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To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your position and the manner in which you are paid, please contact the firm today at 866-476-3138. In Washington, the law provides for punitive damages and attorney fees in some cases. I handle all wage and hour and misclassification cases on a contingency fee basis as provided by Rule 1.5 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

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